1. Did you all like the movie? Anything you disliked about it?
  2. What do you think would have become of the team if they had coaches that were not as strong as Coach Boone and Coach Yost? Would the team have even survived?
  3. In the film, the parents are very angry about the integrated schools. Why are they so mad about the change? What causes this anger/racism? Do you think that they fear what they don’t know?
  4. At camp, the team really bonded together. Has anyone experienced any bonding with others that they didn’t know previously in a similar fashion?
  5. Do you think that Coach Boone was too rough on the boys? If he had been any softer, would they team have had as much success as they did? Was he equally rough on the white players as the black players?
  6. Gary and Julius’s friendship seemed to have set the tone for the rest of the team to embrace the players of the opposite race. What is the power of peer pressure in ending racism?
  7. Gary’s accident is a severe tragedy for the whole community. Do you think that tragedies bring people closer together or further apart?

    WEST SIDE STORY – night 2

  1. Did you all like the movie? Anything you disliked about it?
  2. In the film, law enforcement clearly displays racism towards the Puerto Rican Gang members, the Sharks. Racial profiling is still an issue today. How different/similar are the situations in the movie versus today?
  3. What further action could Maria and Tony have taken to decrease the racial tensions within their gangs?
  4. Do you think the anger that each gang held for the other was in any way justified? How so?
  5. Should the school have played a larger role in stopping the racial violence?
  6. The film portrays racism within the lower class neighborhood. How does racism differ in upper classes? Do you think it is better or worse within the upper classes?
  7. Who were the mentors for the kids in this movie? What kind of support is available for teens today?



  1. Did you all like the movie? Anything you disliked about it?
  2. What examples of racism did you see in this movie? (It is a little less direct than in the previous two movies)
  3. Early on in the film, Akeelah is bullied for her intelligence by girls of her own race. Have you ever been ridiculed for having an exceptional skill? Did this experience make you cautious to display this skill again?
  4. Akeelah’s best friend, who wanted to be a flight attendant, mentions that she wants to be a pilot after seeing the plane’s cockpit. Should we, as a nation, work on exposing children to more difficult fields to give them higher aspirations?
  5. Do you think it was important that Akeelah learned to speak eloquently, like Dr. Larabee taught her to?
  6. What did you all think about the level of support that Akeelah’s mother provided for her. Were you bothered by her apathy towards her own daughter at first?
  7. This film portrays people having a prejudice/being racist towards a girl who lives in a lower class neighborhood? Do you think that there is more or less prejudice/racism for people in higher classes?
  8. Akeelah made it all the way to the National Spelling Bee, and her whole community supported her. Do you think that it is realistic to believe that a whole community would really come together like that to support one little girl?