Here are the questions that I asked participants as well as some of the responses.

  1. What have you learned from the movie/discussion?

– communities can come together for a better good

– racism is still and issue all over the world. It must not be forgotten!

– a small group of people can set a positive example for society that can be followed

– you can’t judge someone because of what they look like

– it is important to encourage positive behavior, people will catch on to it

– racism can be very different amongst different socioeconomic backgrounds

– we are equal and deserve the same treatment

2.  Do you feel that you will not treat others with racism and prejudice in the future after attending this event?
All answers were either strongly agree or agree.

3. Would you like to see more events like this?

All responded yes!

4. If yes, any movie suggestions?

– The Help

– A Raisin In The Sun

– The Secret Life of Bees

– Selma

– Gifted Hands: The Story Of Ben Carson

– The Color Purple

– His Girl Friday

– The Ernest Green Story

– Straight Outta Compton

– Guess Who is Coming to Dinner?

– Joyful Noise

– 42

– The Tuskegee Airmen

– Any movie with sexism

5. Anything else you’d like to say?

(I got a ton of positive feedback for this event and I was very pleased with all of the
support I received!)